Paper hearts, rather than dolls

paper dolls jumper in progress, cuff detail

Sometimes it takes a couple of tries before you find the right pattern and yarn combination.

It’s extra wonderful when a colour palette comes together quite by accident.¬†

Such is the case with my version of Kate Davies pattern ‘Paper Dolls’, I call mine Paper Hearts.

The Yarn : : After some encouragement from friends, I selected the Sock-A -Rino by Joma of Vancouver Island, in the complex colour called ‘Wizard of Awesomeness’! There are a lot of colours in it – blues, greens, purples, but it reads as a solid turquoise. It is intense, rather than bright. Turns out that there is little pooling, and I didn’t bother to alternate skeins. Phew!

The Pattern :: The first try with this was the jumper called Marklee. It was an interesting pattern to work, well written, and quick to make. At the end of day 2, I was at the point of joining the front and back when I realized the arms were too tight and I really wasn’t going to like the finished fit. I’m not really a fan of loose garments, unless they’re really loose and swingy and drapey. So long as I have an hour glass, I might as well show it off.

My gauge was spot on at 26 sts with 3.0mm needles so I opted for the Paper Dolls pattern by the talented Kate Davies. This is one of her earlier patterns which has a good amount of waist shaping and short row shaping to lift the back neckline for a cozier fit. I am happy to work up longer sleeves – I would probably never wear the short sleeves in the original version.

Digging though my very small stash (OK, it’s not that small, but most of it is in not very accessible storage) I found three yarns leftover from other recent projects that are just perfect. Nice!

Now, I’m not a fan of the paper doll motif. it’s cute, but not my kind of cute. After searching through other fair isle designs I have on file, I decided to make up my own colour-work pattern. Double hearts that should look a bit like Persian drops or modified paisley motifs.

Now you know, I can’t leave a pattern alone. To get the best fit possible, I added 17 sts of 1×1 ribbing on the sides. All of my sock-weight jumpers end up feeling a bit baggy at the waist, so this should help to keep the fit snug. Size is my usual blend of 34/36. I also added bust darts.

I’ll post details of my modifications when I can get some modelled shots of it.

I’ve got tons of yarn left from my 3 skeins of Joma… I think a convertible cowl/hat thing may be just the right matching accessory!

Happy knitting!


paper hearts jumper, yoke detail

One thought on “Paper hearts, rather than dolls

  • Wendy Shrubsole

    Koryna, I just loved this sweater. You wore it when you taught the lace knitting class at Purple Purl. It was so beautiful and I want to knit one exactly (or as close as possible) to yours. Can’t wait until you publish the modified pattern.

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