Sock Anatomy 101

Sock in multicolours one per section.

Once you know how they’re made, the construction of a sock is really pretty simple.  Here’s a little photo tutorial here to get you started.

I worked this up for a friend who wanted to better understand how a sock is made. 

Classic construction:  worked from the cuff down on 4 double pointed needles.

This sock has a heel-flap, turned heel, gusset, and traditional toe box. I find this gives the best fit.  Each section is worked an a different colour for easy visual referencing.

Raspberry: cuff and leg

Yellow: the heel flap  – usually worked on half of the leg stitches.

Orange: the heel turn

Green: the instep – stitches are decreased until you reach the original number of stitches for the leg.

Blue: the foot – worked evenly.

White: the toe box – begin a few centimetres before the desired end, decrease four stitches every other round until desired number of remaining stitches.

Close the toe using  the Kitchener Stitch.

Click on the photos below for greater detail.