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Caffeinate… the free pattern is here!

Caffeinate! has been given a face lift and a total revision to correct any of the original errata, and to further clarify the places where one works in the round, versus when the Dalek is worked back and forth.

This new and improved version is now available, as of February 13th 2012 and is available here:  HCR.Caffeinate.CoffeePressCozy.1.2

If you have the original version, I would ask that you simply download the new version no 1.2 as the errata have not been isolated. Thank you for your kind understanding and do have fun with this whimsical knit!

Caffeinate!press style coffee maker cozy,  front view

Caffeinate!press style coffee maker cozy, front view

Witty, clever, handsome, what’s not to like about a man (who’s not really a man), in fact,  a Doctor, Who travels through time and space battling all manner of aliens intent on destroying the Earth? I couldn’t help but notice that the worst of the alien creatures bears a striking resemblance to the popular French press-style of coffee maker. Conspiracy you say? Perhaps.

For those among us who have succumbed to the command to Caffeinate!, this hand-knit cozy will help to keep your coffee hot in a not so sinister fashion.

Size: fits standard press-style coffee makers that have a domed top, 750 ml (8 teacup) size.

Gauge: 20stitches and 30 rows per 10 cm (4’’) square with  4.0 mm needles.

I do hope you enjoy this fun and functional pattern!

Caffeinate! Heathcote Road's press-style coffee maker cozy. Back view.

Caffeinate! Heathcote Road's press-style coffee maker cozy. Back view.

6 thoughts on “Caffeinate… the free pattern is here!

  1. cynthia

    While having coffee this morning, I thought “how great would it be to have a wrap for our press-pot?”
    Well we found yours and I think we found the perfect one. Sure wish the Doctor could join us one day.

    1. Coryna

      Thank you for your kind words! I am so glad that you like my ‘Caffeinate’ design; I must admit that I share the same wish. A visit with The Doctor would be the most wonderful way to spend a day (or longer)! Kindest regards, Coryna

  2. RoseGirl

    I can not wait to buy a new french press (my old one leapt from the dish drainer quite unprovoked guess that’s what I get for doing dishes) and make this awesome cozy for it! Beautiful design, thank you!


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