Foxy Umbrella Sling attached and ready to venture forth.

Foxy…the clever Umbrella Sling

Foxy Umbrella Sling attached to full size black Fox umbrella, ready to carry over your shoulder.

Foxy Umbrella Sling in place and ready to carry. See what works best for you, in terms of where to place the upper loop.

Living in the UK has definitely been the inspiration for an item such as this since most brollies, even the best quality ones, do not always come with shoulder straps.  So when you need to have your  full size umbrella close by but want to be able to free up your hands when indoors, for shopping, portfolio, or coffee cup management, etc., Heathcote Road’s Foxy Umbrella Sling is just the ticket. It takes only moments to place on your umbrella, and can be removed just as quickly. Compact in size, it tucks easily into a pocket or your handbag when not in use.

Mercerized cotton was my first choice for this project. Strong so as to cope with the tension applied to the unit while being carried, and smooth, to allow for easier application to a dry or even a wet umbrella.

A smooth yarn was also an important consideration to minimize any wear and tear on the shoulder of your rain jacket or whatever garment you may be wearing on a dampish day. Other suitable yarns would be cotton, bamboo, linen, or a combination of any of these fibres. . I eschew all things synthetic so only natural fibres are recommended.

Foxy works up quickly in the round (as well as back and forth) on double pointed needles and the simple eyelette lace is suitable for men or women.  One  size fits most large non-collapsible umbrellas like my classic UK made Fox umbrella.

Foxy only needs about 20g of 4 ply cotton – about 50 metres of yarn. Actually, I  just weighed my sling and it weighs only 12g! So you would easily get 2 slings from a ball of Rowan Siena 4 ply, 100 % cotton which I used. It was the yarn I had leftover from making my adorable Bobbled Baby Booties (please see them in the photo gallery, another free pattern coming soon!) and there were still a few metres to spare.

A stylish, unique, and practical little gift for yourself or someone special.  Foxy is the clever Umbrella Sling.

I do hope you enjoy this pattern. It can be found here: HCR.Foxy.Umbrella.Sling.eyelette

See you soon,


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