ReCalculating.GPS Snood, buttoned up with yellow rose

ReCalculating…cable knit GPS Snood

ReCalculating.GPS Snood, buttoned up with yellow rose

ReCalculating.GPS Snood, buttoned up with yellow rose. Ready to pop in your bag for the next journey.

You may be lost, but you will be stylish with this hand knit GPS Snood. ReCalculating is so named for our particular unit’s favourite word…

A perfect quick knit gift for yourself or someone special!  The ReCalculating GPS Snood requires just under a half ball of Double Knitting yarn, 54 metres (~60 yards) to be exact, and one button.

Alternatively, if you have an odd (whole) ball of dk yarn that you’re not sure what to do with, why not make ReCalculating and Aimee’s Coffee Sleeve, another free Heathcote Road pattern, for a chic and stylish gift set for any business (or busy) person.

The GPS Snood is knit using a simple repeating cable pattern, in the round * from the bottom to the top of the snood without any shaping.  The closure loop with the buttonhole is knit while attached. The bottom is sewn closed, and the button is then sewn on. Voila!

* Come to think of it, you could knit it flat and then sew the bottom and side seam. The finish will not be quite as nice, and should you choose this option, add an extra selvage stitch at each side to compensate for the seaming.

Insulating properties are not really a consideration for the GPS snood, so a wide variety of natural fibres could be considered. Bamboo is a nice option or you can be wild and wooly. Just be sure to pay attention to the gauge recommended of 22 sts x 28 rows for 10 cm (4 in.) square in stocking stitch. Standard dk weight works well. Remember that a highly textured or multicoloured yarn will not allow the cable pattern to show with as much definition.

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For the slightly more adventurous knitter, this pattern can easily be adjusted to fit your cell phone or other small electronic device. Be sure to allow for extra yarn requirements if the item you are designing this for is much larger than the one pictured here. The ReCalculating GPS Snood, shown here fits a Garmin Navi unit that measures 8.5 x 14 x 1.3cm [circumference of 20cm.] or 3.5 x 5.5 x 0.6 in.) [circumference of 8 in.]

Hope you enjoy this free pattern from Heathcote Road and that you have many safe and happy journeys!

All the best,


Please find the Free Pattern here: HCR.ReCalculating.GPS.Snood

Recalculating, GPS Snood. Photo collage of hand knit GPS snood in DK wool

Recalculating, GPS Snood. Photo collage of hand knit GPS snood in Diamond Yarns, Queensland Collection, Rustic DK wool shown in colour 203, bronze. Free knitting pattern from Heathcote Road

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