Aimée's Coffee Sleeve, hand knit cabled cup snood on a takeaway cup in the window with African violets

A Better Coffee Sleeve…one cable at a time

We all want to do our bit  (and more) for the environment. Coffee sleeves are a simple way to help. It may seem like a too small gesture, but each paper sleeve takes water, energy, and either previously made paper or new trees to make. There are hundreds and thousands and maybe several million of these in coffee shops the world over. Most will end up in a landfill, a few will be recycled. Yes, a re-usable coffee cup is the better option, but even the best of us forget, or find ourselves out and about without our favourite travel mug close at hand.

Aimée's Coffee Sleeve,  hand knit cabled cup snood on a takeaway cup in the window with African violets

This cup snood is quickly worked up with simple cables and increases. Shown on a medium size take-away coffee cup it also fits larger size cups.

There are a few designs for coffee cup sleeves or snoods available at this time. So why choose to make this one? Many are pretty, but some of the ones I have tried are either not user friendly ( difficult to manoeuvre onto the cup), or just didn’t leave me feeling confident that my drink wouldn’t end up all over me or the sidewalk. So when my friend Aimée asked me to make a coffee sleeve as gift for one of her friends, it was my chance to design a better snood.

Aimée’s Coffee Sleeve is flared gradually from the base to the top which insures that the cup won’t slip through the  bottom of the snood, and the flared opening at the top edge makes is easier to put on. Knit in the round with double pointed needles, it features simple cables worked from the bottom to the top and increases hidden in the spaces between the cables.

The snood as shown was made with Diamond Yarn’s Queensland Collection, Rustic wool. it is a double knitting (DK) yarn with 120 metres (131 yds) per 50 gram ball and is made of 100% superwash wool. It is just gorgeous. The colourway is number 203, Bronze. I though it was just beautiful, and practical too in that an escaping drip of coffee or tea would not be easily spotted in the muted blend of rusts and browns. It is machine washable, but laying flat to dry is recommended.

So when you are looking for a quick gift to make, whether for an occasion, just because, or to pay it forward, then consider making one of these. One 50 gram ball will make 2 sleeves. Of, if you have half or partial balls of dk in your stash, a coffee snood might be just the thing to render them useful.

For those of you who don’t do cables, yet, this one is a good starter. This design features simple, two over two cables. The end result, however, like most Heathcote Road designs, is an item that is at once stylish, elegant, and practical.

The free pattern in pdf fomat for Aimee’s Coffee Sleeve can be found here: HCR.Aimée’s Coffee Sleeve

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