After a year:: new space (another belated post)

Coryna, wearing Pfingtrose shawl in teal silk.

I know I’ve been pretty quiet of late. Life has been interesting. Not bad, just interesting, and busy, and somewhat uncertain. I tend to draw inward when things are at sixes and sevens.    Uncertainty, if there ever really is such a thing, heightens my introverted nature. 

It’s been almost a year since we sold our little church home in Nova Scotia, Canada. The last few months has seen us staying in ‘temporary’ fully furnished accomodations in two of Canada’s major cities (Toronto & Winnipeg) which has proved to be an interesting challenge. 

As a maker, and creative person, it proved to be a particularly challenging time. I had expected a turnaround time of 3-4 months, not 10 months and two citiesI had kept out a few knitting projects to work on mostly based on 1000 metre skeins of lace – each one supposed to occupy my hands for 2-4 weeks but they proved less than satisfying in some odd way.  Perhaps a case of wanting what I didn’t have?  I did  manage to add to my stash and to make a few pieces, but so many of my creative impulses were thwarted by not having the tools or books or materials at hand.  I’m the kind of maker that needs multiple outlets for creativity. 

I also realize that I like my eclectic mix of personal things around me as I work.

But happily, life has settled down a bit and we are now settled into our new home. Never sure how long a house will be home, but it feels nice to have a bit more of a plan, at least for the short term. 

 It’s also nice to be able to unpack and to be able to cook ‘properly’ again.  Not having to make do with inferior pots, or missing pans. 

Above is the beautiful Pfingtrose (Peony) Shawl in my favourite shade of Teal blue. Below is the extra large version of Orchid Theif is a captivating shade of coral. Both are beaded. Details of each can be found on my Ravelry page here and here, respectively. 

Orchid Thief shawl, in coral silk and wool.
Orchid Thief in Coral silk blend.

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