GreyScape, another sock weight jumper in progress.

Coryna, trying on the new GreyScape jumper

Not So Crazy GreyScape, in progress

What’s on the needles just now? This. Another sock weight jumper, of course. I wear these all the time! 

This is based on the Not So Crazy Stripes  pullover by the talented Alfa Knits. I’ve made two already and find that they fit very well. 

I don’t usually buy sweater quantities of yarn, opting rather for 50 or 100 g of a colour at any given time. Luckily, when you love certain shades there is a good chance that you can cobble together a garment quantity with only a few additions.  This is one of the ramdom palettes that was almost enough. Twelvehundred (1200) metres or three balls of sock yarn is enough for a 3/4 to long sleeve version for me.  Size 34/36.  

The palette was a blend of tweedy blacks, greys, browns, and just a touch of deep ochre. Nice. You may not be surprised to know that my favourite Noro colourway is almost this exact combination!

I had enough for a garment, so I  cast on.  A few centimetres into the garment I realized that it needed some punch. Something bright. The classic  greys seemed all too dreary, perhaps because it mirrored too closely the drab cement apartement in which I currently find myself living.  Even the sky is all too dark  as spring is reluctant to appear in her tender green garb. 

While this is an effort in stash busting, I went  to go to my local yarn shop to get something bright and cheery for a much needed hit of colour. Enter the Rowan Valley Tweed in Hardraw. A nice earthy rusted tweed in pure wool. 

Tryint on the work in progress. It fits so well, and feels amazing!
Rowan Valley Tweed skein with the greyscape swatch.
GreyScape jumper in progress. Top down. Suspended set in sleeves. Made up Fair Isle.

The base yarns are two different sock yarns from Lang and Schoppel,  a ball of Geilsk tweed from Denmark, two balls of Sisu sock yarn in medium grey, and one 50 g ball of solid sock  yarn from Lang in a deep bittersweet chocolate. A photo of the collection is below. Details for the knitterly inclined will be posted on my Ravelry page. 

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to think about how colours and textures meld with each other. 

When planning a colour work project there is more than basic colour to consider.  Think of shade, tone,  solidity, texture, contrast, flow, and impact. See how all the yarns have a textural quality or tweedy nature? All, that is, except the solid chocolate brown which will be used primarily for the neckband and cuffs. 

The  Not So Crazy Stripes Tee by  Alfa Knits is a classic top down jumper with set in sleeves that actually fit!  Some top downs have narrow sleeve caps with don’t’ fit these swimmer’s shoulders! 

I was flying along and trying to minimize ends (no one likes weaving those in!) and in my attempts to do so, made a bit of a hash of the joining side seam. It didn’t look right so out it came. Only a few rows were lost. Now the advantage of top down is that you can try on the garment more easily as you go.  I did just that, even though I had every confidence that the pattern would fit, since this is my third one.  It is so squishy and soft and comfortable! I can tell I’m going to wear this one quite often.  

Should have it done in a couple of weeks. I’ll update you on the progress. 

Have a beautiful day! 


Enjoy these beautiful primroses. I took this photo in Paris last year and they offer me hope that spring will come to Winnipeg, one of these fine days. 

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