A Chimera in Needlepoint, la Bucherie

A return to needlepoint : Tapisseries de la Bucherie.

Chimera goat-lion, finished. Tapisseries de la Bucherie, Paris

When we were in Paris last year,  I made a concerted effort to find local wool and yarn shops.  Yarn tourism is a thing, apparently. Turns out it is a really good way to see some parts of a city one may otherwise miss. More about that, and the shops I found, on another day. 

Right now I have desire to return to needlepoint. 

In my google search for yarn shops I found  the Tapisseries de la Bûcherie

 This is one of the most brilliant shops in Paris, for those who love beautiful things made by hand. The shop, unlike many craft related shops, was in a popular tourist area of the city. A stone’s throw from the Cathedral Notre Dame, actually. This treasure trove holds some of the most beautiful tapestry kits available anywhere. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the staff most kind and helpful. 

The canvases feature elegant and historical images. They are hand painted with care. Then there is the wool. My heavens. It is beyond gorgeous. The proprietor waxed romantic about the French wool that was purpose dyed for the kits of La Bucherie at Aubusson. The wall of colour was stunning. I thought, ok, it’s nice enough, but how special could it be? Very! When you work with it, you can truly appreciate how amazing it is. Strong, soft, multidimensional with a delicate sheen. Completely French made and worth every Euro! 

The hard part was selecting a kit. I’ve always wanted to work up a panel from the Lady and the Unicorn collection. La Dame et le Licorne is a classic and ambitious series of tapestries that are incredible to behold in person.  I first saw them at the musée national du Moyen Âge, also known as the Cluny Museum, on my first trip to Paris. I cried when I saw them. La Bucherie had only one small kit featuring one of the senses. It wasn’t my favourite one, and honestly, it looked incredibly complicated. Maybe for a future project.  I wanted something more relaxing. 

I chose, instead, a small and meaningful kit featuring one of my favourite motifs: a Chimera.  

This handsome  Goat-lion is part of the 850th anniversary of Notre Dame collection. 

Chimera Goat-Lion needlepoint kit from bucherie.com
Chimera Goat-lion tapestry completed, showing remaining yarn.

As soon as I turned the kit over and saw the deep red that was the background colour, I knew that was the one. I considered getting a pair (there are 4 in the series), but contained myself and inquired about online ordering – which they do, yay!

I was so thrilled with my purchase that I started on the kit that very night in the hotel room.  It took me about three weeks working on it every day inbetween knitting projects. You can see from the above right photograph that the kit in generous. There is more than enough yarn to complete your project, I’m adding a few extra rounds to the outside to make it fit the frame I have on hand. The kits also include a needle so you can start right away. It was so enjoyable that I’ve wanted to make another ever since I finished it. 

It’s been almost a year since my discovery of la Bucherie and while I’m ready for another trip to Paris I’ll be content with ordering another kit for now. 

So which will it be…  another gargoyle? A goat with flowers from the Millefleur collection? Or the elegant Oriental no. 1

Have a beautiful day, 


Chimera Goat-lion needlepoint, reverse.
Chimera goat-lion, finished. Tapisseries de la Bucherie, Paris
Tapisseries de la Bucherie, the shop, Paris.

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