Garri jumper in Alafoss and Lettlopi

An Iceladic Lopi Jumper; for my Love.

Alafosslopi colour selection, narural black, denim heather, ash heather.
Garri jumper finished, but unblocked.

After being away for almost a decade, our resistance to the extreme temperatures of Winnipeg has apparenetly diminished, a bit.

Time for a Lopi jumper. My love, has particular tastes when it comes to clothing. Plain and dark colours, are usually preferred.  To my great surprise, when he saw this  pattern,  Garri, designed by Védís Jónsdóttir, as I was combing Ravelry for bulky stranded knits, he said ‘I would wear that’. Well, that is all the encouragement I needed!

I chose almost identical colours to the model, they’re his favourites, anyways. 

It was a super quick knit, only took me about 11 days.  I could have had this done in a week,  but there were a couple of hiccoughs when it came to the placket, as written, and the search for buttons. 

The first issue was that this henley is steeked, which is fine, but there are only 2, yes two!! steek stitches! 
I should have added a couple more, but I worked as the pattern written.  When it came time to re-inforce the steek stitches,  I had to do it by hand (my beautiful Juki-san sewing machine is in storage, boo), not ideal, but OK.  I stitched carefully, and insured that no stitches opened up – all the while being very grateful that the  Alafosslopi loves to stick to itself. I thought more than once during the process that I should have left this as a pullover.

Once the steeks were done I realized that I didn’t like the very thick  bands that resulted from the way the ribbed and wrapped band went around the secured steek.  I was glad not to have added additional steek stitches since they would have only added to the bulk. 

To solve the problem,  I re-engineered the plackets to use the thinner Lettlopi wool. It doesn’t come in the same colourways, which is unfortunate, but I found one that was close enough.  I worked the bands in stockinette for a thinner fabric. I made the left band narrower, then sewed i-cord  to it leaving spaces to create the button holes. Much better!

I wanted real horn buttons, naturally, but I would have had to order them from Etsy.  Winter is hopefully not going to be here much longer, and I want my love to be able to wear this before it warms up. Luckily, I found  grey horn shaped buttons locally. They will do. 

I gave the jumper a good long soak in the bathtub with Soak and a bit of hair conditioner . My goodness, it was heavy! Like lifting a whole sheep out of the bathtub 🙂  

It blocked out to perfect dimensions. Now we’ll see how long it takes to dry!

Overall, I’d make another Garri in a minute, but without the Henley bit, just a regular jumper. The only other modification I made was to work 6 short rows across the back and over the shoulders lift the back up a bit. I find sweaters fit better this way.  I loved how warm this was as a ‘lap blanket’ while I worked on it, and may have to make one for myself.  But I want to try the unspun Plottulopi, maybe for a Carbeth, or maybe a Freya Cardigan. We shall see. 

Have you worked with Lopi? Do you love it? 


Alafoss Lopi and Lettlopi on the yoke of the jumper.
Garri jumper, burroned Henley.

I will try to get modelled photographs, but the recipient is more than a bit camera shy. 

If you want to make your own Garri,  you can purchase the pattern here

 More about my jumper can be found  here

Now, go make something beautiful! 


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