Paper Hearts finished!

day of the dead pinata, toronto

My Paper Hearts jumper is finished!

And I love it!

It has been named The Wizard of Awesomeness!

The pattern is the well loved Paper Dolls by Kate Davies. I wrote another post about this jumper here.

The Joma Sock-A-Rino yarn, the main colour, is gorgeous and blocked beautifully. The colour is ‘Wizard of Awesome’. 

It almost goes without saying the the Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze, which I used for the colour-work is fabulous.  I used two shades of Peppino: ‘The B Boy’ and ‘A Bunch of 1’.  

The yarns are bouncy and comfortable. It fits like a dream and is so soft against the skin. Actually, the Joma Sock-A-Rino is probably the most comfortable true sock yarn (75 % Merino/25% nylon) that I’ve used for jumpers so far.

I am so pleased with the combination of colours. It’s so cheerful! 

paper hearts jumper, back
paper hearts jumper, headphones

Never one to leave a pattern alone, this one has a few modifications to achieve a perfect fit. 

The size is a blend of two sizes (6th and 7th) to get the best possible fit for my shape. I added ribbing at the side body to keep a nice neat contour.  A hemmed neckline sat better, so that is what I did.  I used a tubular Italian cast off at the cuffs, and added bust darts. Details can be found on my Ravelry page for this project here.

It has been suggested that a course or a book on how to alter patterns to fit would be a good idea for me to consider. What do you think?

paper hearts yoke, black and white edit

On the photo at left, the black and white one, you can see the design I made for the yoke a bit more clearly.  Aren’t digital phtotos wonderful! Setting to black and white can also help when choosing placement for colour work patterns, allowing you to better assess the intensity of the shades. 

For the Paper Hearts pattern I used the decreases and stitch counts from the original pattern, but made up my own design with KnitVisualizer, my chart writing software.  The chart will be available to download very soon! 

With all the fantastic feedback and compliments I’m getting every time I wear this, not to mention how great it feels,  I’m definitely making another one.

It’s actually on the needles just now. Joma yarn Sock-A-Rino for the body again, this time in the colourway ‘Emily Carr’ and I’ll be using Sweet Georgia’s Toughlove Sock in the colourway ‘Smitten’ for the stranded colourwork.

Now I have to decide on a motif…flowers, elephants, or something geometric. I’ll keep you posted.

See you soon,


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