It must be October, time for a new website

It must be October. Every fall it seems that I take stock of my digital presence here on the web and decide how to move forward, sideways, or perhaps even backwards with the process.

This year it is a bit backwards, a bit to the side, and most definitely forward.

The backwards is going back to a hosting provider where I can host multiple sites thereby allowing me to offer dedicated sites to each of my varied interests.  Not everyone who does yoga will want to look at knitting or textile art posts, and so too with knitters and crafters. Although yoga may benefit many of them, they may prefer to not have yoga asanam and philosophy with their wooly pursuits.

The side step is that I did not return to my previous hosting provider, InMotionHosting.  They were great to work with, offered excellent customer service, and had competitive pricing, so it was no fault of theirs that I went in another direction.  After some research, I opted to go with a Canadian hosting company,  aptly named Web Hosting Canada.  With the way of the world just now I really felt that I wanted to keep the servers here at home and support my own country’s economy.

The products are competitively priced and they had the platforms and programs I wanted to work with. The customer service aspect is yet to be evaluated, but I don’t expect any problems on that end.

So, enough about the technical stuff.  Along with the new site, I have decided to return to the HeathcoteRoad brand name with a fancy new logo and motto. This will be appearing on the patterns as they are updated and re-released here and on Ravelry.

Thank you for your patience as I work through this process, it takes far more time than one would imagine and since the financial remuneration is negligible to non-extant,  it does not always get to the top of the to-do list.

Comments? Questions? You can connect with me on Ravelry or fill in the contact form on the Contact page here

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Looking for NavadinaYoga? you can find it here,  Namaste.

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